Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello, everyone

Well, as you can see, my calender isn't up to snuff yet. Should be done by this weekend, per my web designer!

We just returned from a book signing in Arlington, Texas at the new Barnes and Noble in the Parks Mall. It is a beautiful store and worth spending some time in.
Many wonderful people came through including one young man named, "Michael," and I hope to hear from him when he reads both books!

Next up is the Hastings store in Waxahachie, Texas on July 26, from 2 until 4 pm, so come on down (or up) and see us there. The store can be seen and acessed from the highway, straight to Waxahachie and I promise, you won't get lost. (If I didn't, you won't, believe me!)

For those of you who love a good mystery, my mother and fellow author, Barbara Newton will be there with "Sammie," her first of the Dectective Brandle mysteries. If you can figure this one out, you'll be the first to do so!

Hope to see you there and remember Candlewoods battle cry, "For God, King and Candlewood!"