Monday, November 10, 2008

Last signing of the year

Hi, everyone

Fall is here and the leaves are swirling. The sky is a dark, lovely blue and the nights are crisp.
Not only King Terrance's favorite time of year!

Barbara Newton, fellow author and Mom of mine will join me for our last signing of the year at the Barnes and Noble store at 401 Commerce St, downtown Ft Worth in Sundance Square.
This store is HUGE and an almost magical place to shop and gawk, believe me, I know.

Come on down between 2 and 4 the afternoon of Nov 15 and visit a bit. Remember, books make great Christmas gifts, too and if your readers like adventure, mystery, romance and intrigue, Candlewood is the place to visit. My mother has a juicy little mystery, "Sammie," for all you sleuths out there. You'll never guess the ending, trust me. She scares us a bit now...ha!

Happy Holidays from Candlewood and we hope to see you on November 15th.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's next in Candlewood?

Hi, everyone!

We had a wonderful time talking with all of you at the Arlington Barnes and Noble on Saturday, despite the construction issues.
I had lots of questions about book three, The Legend of the Dragon Sword. It's finished and with my editor, who is looking it over again. So hang in there with me! As soon as we get a release date, I'll let you know, believe me. (That's cartwheel day around here!)

Also big news for Candlewood: The Legend of the Dragon Sword. It won the Abilene book award for 2009! I was tickled and pleased about that. By the way, come to Abilene, Texas on September 27th at the Abilene civic center, from 9 am until 3pm. You can't get lost-lots of signs, and if I can find the place, you all can. There's lots of fun and Texas authors there with their latest books, so come on down.

The calender is still not saving, for some reason so let me give you and update of where we'll be next.
We'll be at the Lark Bookstore, Weatherford, Texas on Sep. 3d from 1 until 3. It's across from the Walmart store on Ft Worth Highway, Old 51. You can't miss it. This is a lovely, new store so we hope to see you there.
Also, Sep 27th, as I mentioned is the Abilene book fair.
Stay tuned for October and November dates. We'll take a small break in December for the holiday which will soon be upon us. Yikes!
See you soon and remember,
For God, King and Candlewood!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello, everyone

Well, as you can see, my calender isn't up to snuff yet. Should be done by this weekend, per my web designer!

We just returned from a book signing in Arlington, Texas at the new Barnes and Noble in the Parks Mall. It is a beautiful store and worth spending some time in.
Many wonderful people came through including one young man named, "Michael," and I hope to hear from him when he reads both books!

Next up is the Hastings store in Waxahachie, Texas on July 26, from 2 until 4 pm, so come on down (or up) and see us there. The store can be seen and acessed from the highway, straight to Waxahachie and I promise, you won't get lost. (If I didn't, you won't, believe me!)

For those of you who love a good mystery, my mother and fellow author, Barbara Newton will be there with "Sammie," her first of the Dectective Brandle mysteries. If you can figure this one out, you'll be the first to do so!

Hope to see you there and remember Candlewoods battle cry, "For God, King and Candlewood!"


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Round Rock book signing

Hello, all

We'll be in Round Rock, Texas at the Barnes and Noble store with our good friend, Frank.
He manages the most welcoming and gracious Barnes and Nobel we've ever signed with
The store is right off the interstate at 2200 IH 35.
The phone number is (512) 244-2223.
Meanwhile, I am punching up book three, Candlewood: The Legend of the Dragon Sword and working on book four, The Crown of Candlewood.
Keep watching for both!
Hope to see you there and remember,
"For God, King and Candlewood!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Azle School readings

The dragons and I went to Silver Creek School in Azle last Thursday and we had a blast!
We talked with and read to 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade and met great kids.
Then the very next Thursday, we packed up again and read to the third and fourth grades at Eagle Heights school, also in Azle.
These kids were just as great and I (and my dragons) enjoyed our time very much.
We got many questions and some great ideas for upcoming books!
Candlewood: The Legend of the Dragon Sword is at the editors now, so cross your fingers, fans.
AND I've started to write, The Crown of Candlewood, number four of the series.
We'll be at "The Bookcase" in Weatherford on May 17 in Weatherford, on the square from 1 until 3pm. Come on down and meet us!
"For God, King and Candlewood!"

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hi, Everyone

Greetings from Candlewood!

We got back from Denton, Texas this past Saturday and met some fans who came just to pick up book two! That always makes me glad.
This coming Saturday, my fellow author and Mom, Barbara Newton, will be doing a radio interview with Linda Bagwell. She's a great lady and heads up "Books, authors, and all that Jazz," each May. (Yup, we'll be there.)
The radio show is at 10:00 am on Weatherfords only am station, so you can't miss us.
Then we'll be at the Lark Book store in Weatherford from 1 until 3.
(Across from the Willow Park WalMart, for you locals.)
Off of Hwy 180 (old Ft Worth highway) and turn right after the movie theatre.
Then we'll be at Weatherford College on May 3, from 9 until 3pm for "Books, authors and all that Jazz." We'll all be at the arts center building on campus.
Come and see us!
Book three is at the editors. I just made a few changes about five minutes ago.
Book four has a title now:
The Crown of Candlewood.
Many, many meanings in this title...
See you all soon, I hope!
Check my calender for more details and remember, write me a note and tell me what you think!
"For God, King and Candlewood!"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello, again, everybody!

Now my calendar has issues so let me tell you where we'll be right here:

Arpil 19th Denton book festival
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

April 26th
10:00 Weatherford radio show on 98.6
Lark book store in Weatherford
1 to 3 pm

May 3
"Books, and authors and all that jazz"
A GREAT time for all and free workshops, too.
From 9 am until 3pm

June 14
Round Rock Barnes and Noble
from 2 until 4pm

Come and see us and stay tuned for more!

Hello, everyone!

I'm so sorry my blog was idle there for a while.
We had some technical difficulties that my wonderful web lady took care of!
Thanks, Bonita!

It's here, it's here!
"The Haunting of Candlewood" is released and ready to appear in your local bookstore.
We're very excited and if you look at my calender you'll see we've already begun to scheduale book signings all over Texas. Come and see us or write and tell me where you'd like to see Candlewood go next.

In addition, my mom and fellow author, Barbara Newton, will be releasing her new book next week. It's a mystery called, "Sammie," and if you guess the ending, I'll eat my hat. It's a great thriller.

Candlewood continues on with book three, "Candlewood: The Legend of the Dragon Sword," coming this year. Stay tuned for part three of our story and in the meantime, enjoy book two!

"For God, King and Candlewood!"