Monday, November 10, 2008

Last signing of the year

Hi, everyone

Fall is here and the leaves are swirling. The sky is a dark, lovely blue and the nights are crisp.
Not only King Terrance's favorite time of year!

Barbara Newton, fellow author and Mom of mine will join me for our last signing of the year at the Barnes and Noble store at 401 Commerce St, downtown Ft Worth in Sundance Square.
This store is HUGE and an almost magical place to shop and gawk, believe me, I know.

Come on down between 2 and 4 the afternoon of Nov 15 and visit a bit. Remember, books make great Christmas gifts, too and if your readers like adventure, mystery, romance and intrigue, Candlewood is the place to visit. My mother has a juicy little mystery, "Sammie," for all you sleuths out there. You'll never guess the ending, trust me. She scares us a bit now...ha!

Happy Holidays from Candlewood and we hope to see you on November 15th.