Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's next in Candlewood?

Hi, everyone!

We had a wonderful time talking with all of you at the Arlington Barnes and Noble on Saturday, despite the construction issues.
I had lots of questions about book three, The Legend of the Dragon Sword. It's finished and with my editor, who is looking it over again. So hang in there with me! As soon as we get a release date, I'll let you know, believe me. (That's cartwheel day around here!)

Also big news for Candlewood: The Legend of the Dragon Sword. It won the Abilene book award for 2009! I was tickled and pleased about that. By the way, come to Abilene, Texas on September 27th at the Abilene civic center, from 9 am until 3pm. You can't get lost-lots of signs, and if I can find the place, you all can. There's lots of fun and Texas authors there with their latest books, so come on down.

The calender is still not saving, for some reason so let me give you and update of where we'll be next.
We'll be at the Lark Bookstore, Weatherford, Texas on Sep. 3d from 1 until 3. It's across from the Walmart store on Ft Worth Highway, Old 51. You can't miss it. This is a lovely, new store so we hope to see you there.
Also, Sep 27th, as I mentioned is the Abilene book fair.
Stay tuned for October and November dates. We'll take a small break in December for the holiday which will soon be upon us. Yikes!
See you soon and remember,
For God, King and Candlewood!

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hope you have wonderful dreams
of meeting mr right.