Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Legend of the Dragon Sword

Hi, all

Well, book two, The Haunting of Candlewood, is still in the works BUT we should see a cover soon! Once we see that, it won't be long.
Hope you all can attend the Abilene Book and Music festival. They'll be all kinds of entertainment, workshops, music and best of all, I'll be there ready to autograph your copy of Candlewood!
The festival is at the Ablilene Civic center in Abilene, Texas. Should be a lot of fun so come on down.
The Legend of the Dragon Sword has taken some twists that made even me gasp, so stay tuned.
We're almost 28 chapters complete and book four, as yet untitled, is taking form as well.
Stay cool this summer, if you can. We here in Ft Worth are sweltering but it's NORMAL for us this time of year!
Talk to you soon, all and remember, "For God, King, and Candlewood!"

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